Thursday, June 09, 2005

MSM in the News

The MSM is making news the last couple of days.

First we have CNN actually wanting to get back into news reporting again instead of trying to force their Liberal agenda down the people's throats (and according to their ratings, the people weren't swallowing).
CNN announced a slate of programming and anchor changes Monday intended to refocus the No. 2 cable news network on hard news and analysis, and away from opinion and talk.

CNN chief Jon Klein, who took over in November, says the changes are not meant to directly counter Fox News Channel, which continues to trounce onetime ratings leader CNN, now marking its 25th year.

"There are many tactical things we could do to try to beat Fox, but we're trying to be ourselves: Roll up our sleeves and report the news, don't talk about it," Klein says.

News analyst Andrew Tyndall says that in making the changes, CNN chose to "counterprogram against Fox rather than compete."

Year to date, Fox draws an average of 842,000 viewers to CNN's 458,000 and MSNBC's 217,000 at any given time.

Wow, after getting their butts kicked all over the playground by FoxNews for the last couple of years, CNN finally realized that trying to force feed their slanted views is not working, thus they are returning to REPORTING the news, again. Good luck CNN, your "reporting" of the news will be just like Dan Blather "reporting" on President Bush's National Guard records - BIASED!!

And now we have newspapers scambling to stem the bleeding due to their rapidly decreasing readership.
Several years ago the actress Meryl Streep and singer LL Cool J touted the virtues of newspaper reading in industry-sponsored ads similar to the milk industry's famous "Got Milk?" campaign.

Today, newspaper publishers think much more needs to be done. They're battling competition from the Internet, a circulation scandal, and the perception that they're stodgy and unappealing to young readers.

To address these threats, publishers are gearing up for a major ad campaign starting this fall, said John Kimball, chief marketing officer of the Newspaper Association of America.

A centerpiece of the effort: for the first time, a single message that newspaper sales teams can take to advertisers.

"How powerful would it be if all of the presentations being made by thousands of advertising sales people at newspapers across the country were all talking about the medium using the same words, the same data, and describing us in the same way?" said Kimball. "We think it could make difference."

Typical Marketing schmuck, trying to reel in advertisers, when the root problem is low readership. The advertisers know about the cooked up circulation numbers, they know that readership in declining, but the marketing wankers are trying to con the advertisers. What they really need to do is find out why their readers have been dumping them like a smelly old cheeseball. Could it be - BIAS?!?!?!?! Could it be that readers only see one side of a story, or that they are not stupid enough to by into the Liberal slant? Or maybe the readers are tired of seeing anti-American, anti-Christian, anti-War on Terror, pro-Abortion, pro-Palestinian crap, day in and day out. Yep, that is closer to the real reason you stupid schmuck!!

And finally: Surprise! Surprise! The Canadian MSM is anti-American!!
CALGARY, June 7, 2005 ( - An extensive study into Canada's publicly funded national broadcaster, the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC), has found that CBC television news coverage of the United States is consistently marked by emotional criticism, rather than a rational consideration of US policy based on Canadian national interests.

In the study, released today by the Canadian think-tank ,The Fraser Institute, the authors examine the kind of anti-American views expressed in one major Canadian news outlet. They attempt to determine whether views critical of the United States reflect chiefly a rational criticism of the United States based on reasonable differences in interests with respect to policy questions or whether they are more a reflection of the emotional anxieties of long-held prejudice.

"The former is simply an ordinary disagreement between friends; the latter reflects more the limitations of Canadians than it does the defects of our neighbours," said Professor Lydia Miljan, co-author and Senior Fellow at The Fraser Institute.

To gauge the extent of anti-American sentiment on CBC, one year's coverage of the Corporation's flagship news program, The National, for 2002 was examined. The authors chose 2002 because it followed the September 11, 2001 attacks on the World Trade Centre and the Pentagon, but was prior to the US invasion of Iraq.

In total there were 2,383 statements inside the 225 stories that referred to America or the United States on CBC in 2002. As with most news coverage, the largest number of statements was neutral; they constituted 49.1 percent of the attention. Thirty-four percent of the attention to America or the United States was negative, over double the 15.4 percent positive descriptors. Only 1.6 percent of the statements were considered ambiguous.

In total, despite the relative short period of time after the 9/11 attacks, the CBC's opinion statements of America during 2002 were overwhelmingly critical of American policy, American actions, and American purposes.

The Canadian MSM is no different the American MSM, they hate America, they don't like a powerful America, they hate Bush and they are so pro-socialism, that the only color that they see is RED. This report doesn't surprise me, they are just mimicking their Socialist Gov't which is.... anti-American!

The MSM is in denial about their bias and liberalism, and until they realize that it affects their "reporting of the news" they are not going to be respected by the people. The MSM is also allowed their opinions, either liberal or conservative, but these opinions need to be confined to the Op-Ed sections, Talk Shows or specifics area that differentiated from the "news" and facts. With the availability of thousands of news sites on the Internet, one never has to read a newspaper, watch TV or even listen to radio to stay informed, and that is what people are doing instead of drinking the tainted Kool-aide of the Liberal MSM. So get it together MSM, straighten yourselves out, or find yourselves only read/heard in a museum as a relic of the past.

Mr Minority