Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Is Howie Going to be Booted?

Crazy Howie has been pissing people off, and I am not talking about Republicans, I am talking about his fellow Donks! Sen Joe "the Slimedog" Biden is upset with Howie:
Democratic Sen. Joe Biden blasted the head of his own party on Sunday for his over-the-top outbursts, saying that Democratic National Committee Chairman Howard Dean doesn't speak for him as well as for most other Democrats he knows.

Asked about recent comments where Dean trashed Republicans as "evil" and said House Majority Leader Tom DeLay belongs in jail, Biden told ABC's "This Week," "He doesn't speak for me with that kind of rhetoric and I don't think he speaks for the majority of Democrats."

And Howie has the LOSER John "Breck Boy" Edwards condemning him also:
Edwards also disagreed with Democratic National Committee Chairman Howard Dean's controversial comment in a speech to liberal activists Thursday that many Republicans "have never made an honest living in their lives."

"The chairman of the DNC is not the spokesman for the party," Edwards said. "He's a voice. I don't agree with it."

Yep, Howie is in trouble with his own party. His ability to bring in the money hasn't happened, the Donks are way behind the Republicans for money in the bank, so Howie may be in deep doo-doo. But I say, Keep Howie at the helm of the Donks, he is doing a smash-up job of alienating his base voters, showing America what the Donks REALLY think, and pushing the party further to the Left. I say Howie is one of the Republican's best weapons, so keep him in the job. What a Maroon.

Mr Minority