Saturday, June 04, 2005

Discrimination Still Lives in the South!!

The discrimination is not against whom you might think, it's against a White man trying to attend the National Association of Black Social Workers conference in New Orleans.
BAKERSFIELD - In a recent effort to tackle race relations, some county social workers were sent to New Orleans to a conference held by the National Association of Black Social Workers.

Brian Parnell said he and his co-workers attended the conference, but Parnell said he wasn’t allowed inside because of the color of his skin.

Parnell is Caucasian, and he said he never made it in the conference.

“I approached the registration table and was greeted by a very friendly fellow who looked me in the eye and said, ‘Are you black?’” said Parnell. “I told him that I'm not and he told me that the conference was only for people who were black and so I wasn't able to register to attend the conference.”

Convinced the individual had mis-spoke, Parnell said he contacted his fellow co-workers and his superior in Bakersfield.

“I was able to speak with a conference chair at the conference who basically reiterated to me the same thing that Brian has been told,” said, Parnell’s supervisor, Pat Cheadle.

“I was shocked,” said Parnell. “I was surprised that in 2005, I could be singled out because of the color of my skin.”

I bet you if it had been a National Association of WHITE Social Workers conference, Al "The Con-man" Sharpton and Jesse "The Media Pig" Jackson would have all over it, screaming and yelling about discrimination. And if it had been a Black man not admitted, the MSM would have been making it Headline News and calling for heads to roll. But since it was only a white man not admitted, nothing is being said. Discrimination is discrimination, whether it is against Whites, Blacks, Hispanics, or Asians, it doesn't matter, when you will not allow someone to attend a conference based on their skin color, it is BLATANT DISCRIMINATION!!! And personally I think some heads should roll on this one.

Mr Minority