Thursday, June 02, 2005

Why Mr M Despises the ACLU

Being an Old Coot, I remember the ACLU from the 60's and 70's and thought they were Americans trying to protect Americans from the Gov't. This was until I saw them attacking schools and the Boy Scouts.

When you see a bunch of lawyers attacking the institutions that made America great in the first place, it makes you wonder, what is their agenda? Attacking the Boy Scouts because they have an oath that requires the allegiance to God, and they don't want homosexual men around young impressionable boys, seems to me to supporting the wrong side of morality. The Boys Scouts is one of the best private organizations in the world today to train up boys to be responsible citizens, men of integrity, and men that believe in Honor and Sacrifice. Look at the nation's Military Heroes, Astronauts and Honorable politicians, and you will find the majority of them have been Boy Scouts, and this is the organization the ACLU HATES and is fighting to obliterate. I despise the ACLU for hating the Boy Scouts!

The second reason I despise the ACLU, is because of their constant attacking of school systems because of the hint of prayer or students preaching. If you look at the facts, schools have been declining in their teaching abilities and increasing in violence since the landmark case of Engle v Vitale (1962) in which it was deemed unconstitutional to have prayer in school. The ACLU is not fighting to eliminate school sponsored prayer, they are trying to eliminate any CHRISTIANITY in public schools altogether! They don't want student lead prayers, they don't want students carrying Bibles to schools and they don't want ANY private prayers in school at all, because they feel Christianity is a subversive force, when in fact THEY are the subversive force in America today!

The ACLU is not about protecting the people from an overburdening Gov't, it is about POWER! The ACLU has seen what a threat of a lawsuit can do, and they have become power hungry, and their main goal now is to push their anti-American, anti-Christian, Socialist agenda through our court system. They like the power that the courts have given them, they like the ability to intimidate, and nothing will stop them unless it us, the people of America. We need to rid the court system of activist judges, we need to stand up to the ACLU and their intimidation, and most of all we need to publicize the ACLU's true agenda.

Yes, I despise the ACLU, and but I also despise the judges and people that give into them. We are the only ones that can stop them to save America, and we have to act.

Mr Minority