Thursday, June 02, 2005

Death of the EU?

With the Dutch voting NO to the EU's 450 page Constitution, 63-37, and Fwance's No on Sunday, the hopes for the EU Constitution ratification is zilch.

Chirac had many excuses, like the people are mad at his Gov't, and they are worried about losing their Gov't paid welfare benefits and on and on.

The Dutch PM had more excuses also, but what it boils down to is the people don't really want a Superstate of Europe in which they lose their sovereignty. People of the individual countries, like their own countries and it's quirks, and not being part of a big conglomerate. They also don't want some other country deciding what have to or can't do with their money, social issues and immigration.

The political elites of Europe are scrambling right now to figure a way out of this mess, and they may even keep submitting the Constitution for vote until they get a positive Yes outcome. This joining together is not for the people of Europe, it is for the power hungry of Europe, the Chiracs and Schroeders, so they can RULE the people, and set the policies for the whole continent. It is re-manifestation of the Middle Ages, in which you had the Rulers and the Serfs, and they want to be on top again. The other objective is to have the power to stand up to the US, because they hate us, and with a totally unified Europe, they would have the power to set foreign policies, raise armies and spit in America's eye. This whole unified Europe concept is an Anti-America idea, something to counter the US with.

So with the NO votes by the Dutch and Fwance, England is not going to try even a referendum, and the rest of the "Elites" are going to try and find way to keep their agenda alive. And as an American, I say I hope they fail, because I cannot see any benefit to it from my point of view or for the people of Europe. So with that said - Hi Ho the Witch is Dead, the Wicked Witch is Dead!

Mr Minority