Wednesday, June 01, 2005

This is What Signing the Kyoto Protocols Buys You

Great Britain bought into the Kyoto Protocols and it's junk science "Global Warming" BS, and now the people are going to pay for it, with their homes!
Some 3.2 million homes must be demolished over the next 45 years to fulfil the Government's aspirations for tackling global warming, academics have warned.

The report, by researchers at Oxford University's Environmental Change Institute and Heriot Watt University, is bound to re-ignite the controversy caused by the proposed demolition of 400,000 homes in the Midlands and the North.

Households account for around 30 per cent of Britain's total energy use and the researchers conclude there is a "desperate need" for a clear strategy for housing stock to bring about the 60 per cent reduction in the country's fossil fuel emissions that Tony Blair has said he wants to see by 2050.

The academics say that Britain's 25 million homes are among the oldest and least efficient in Europe and recommend that 14 per cent of the current stock - 3.2 million homes - should be pulled down by 2050.

Because of Junk Science and a Chicken Little mentality, 3.2 MILLION homes will be demolished by 2050!! All to appease the eco-nuts with no REAL factual proof of "Global Warming". I guarantee you that if it were me that they were trying to evict from my house, it would be nasty, very nasty, and someone would get hurt. Thank God, America has laws against this kind of garbage, and thank God President Bush didn't sign the Kyoto Protocols, and if I were Tony Blair, I would think long and hard about these kinds of steps. I really pity our English cousins, having to live in a Nanny State with crummy Healthcare and now where the Gov't is going to demolish older homes because of some wanker thinks the world is going to end. It's time to expose the Commie Junk Scientists and their "Global Warming" for what it is - a Skewed Facts Based Eco Witch Hunt to Rid the World of People!! Down with the Eco-Commies!!!

Mr Minority