Saturday, June 04, 2005

No Respect FROM Muslims in Saudi Arabia

Muslims are up in arms about the alleged Koran flushing, but they have no problem wanting stop the distribution of Christian material in Saudi Arabia.
RIYADH, Saudi Arabia (UPI) -- A Saudi newspaper said Sunday authorities were investigating complaints posters of a crucified Christ were being distributed to school children.

The semi-official daily al-Watan said Saudis in the western al-Taif region have complained expatriates from an unidentified southeast Asian country were "selling stickers and posters of Christ on the cross to elementary school children."

Unidentified sources told the paper the stickers and posters were being sold by Asian street peddlers at traffic lights and in front of schools.

The sources complained selling these products was contrary to Islamic beliefs Jesus himself was not crucified, but rather someone else who resembled him.

The paper said because young children were the target market for the stickers, "adults have become suspicious."

It added parents have called on authorities to take action against street peddlers to "prevent sedition."

So it's seditious to sell Christian material, especially when it shows Jesus crucified. How are we expected to respect their religion, when they demonstrate that they don't respect ours? It's a two way street, both parties need to show respect, but Muslims only expect us to, not themselves. When Muslims quit killing innocent women and children in the name of "Allah", when they allow Christian material to be OPENLY present in their countries, and when they quit persecuting Christians, maybe then I might consider respecting them, until then, I will always be skeptical and standoffish, because I know how they feel about me.

Mr Minority