Sunday, June 05, 2005

This Goes Beyond Being Politcally Correct

The Liberal Christians have been trying for years to make the Bible gender neutral, by making God a He/She or an It, but now a new publisher has gone too far and changed Jesus to a woman - Judith Christ.
A publisher is touting a new edition of the Gospels that identifies Christ as a woman named Judith Christ of Nazareth.

LBI Institute says its version, Judith Christ of Nazareth, The Gospels of the Bible, Corrected to Reflect that Christ Was a Woman, Extracted from Matthew, Mark, Luke and John, takes Thomas Jefferson's edited Gospel one step futher by "correcting" the gender of Christ and God.

"This long-awaited revised text of the Gospels makes the moral message of Christ more accessible to many, and more illuminating to all," says Billie Shakespeare, vice president for the publisher, in a statement. "It is empowering. We published this new Bible to acknowledge the rise of women in society."

The new version, according to the publisher, revises familiar stories, tranforming the "Prodigal Son" into the "Prodigal Daughter" and the "Lord's Prayer" into the "Lady's Prayer."

A passage compiled from Luke 2, with corresponding verses at the beginning of each sentence, says: "4 And Joseph went to Bethlehem. 5 To be enrolled with Mary, his wife, who was then pregnant. 7 And she brought forth her firstborn child. 21 And her name was chosen to be Judith."

A passage on the crucifixion, from John 19, says: "17 And She bearing her cross went forth. 18 There they crucified Judith."

A resurrection passage from Matthew 28 states: "1 Mary Magdalene and the other Mary came to see the tomb. 5 But the angel said to the women, "Do not be afraid, for I know that you seek Judith who was crucified." 6 "She is not here; for She is risen."

The book's foreword says, "The Jefferson Bible is faithfully followed by the present book, with the corrections in the name and gender of Christ, the gender of God, and some of the parables."

The publisher explains Jefferson used extracts of Matthew, Mark, Luke and John rather than the complete books, in order to tell a "linear, complete, organized story" that emphasizes the moral teachings of Christ.

The foreword says, "Events in the Gospel that do not relate to the moral teachings of Christ are often omitted. However, the basic narrative of Christ's life, death and resurrection is maintained."

You can't change Jesus to being a woman, just to satisfy your political agenda, Jesus was a man, the Gospels say that, so no amount wishing is going to change that. These CINOs (Christians In Name Only), are out to weaken Christianity, with their heretical teachings and changes to the Bible, which Jesus said not to change. The Bible was written by God, through Men, and Jesus was a Man (and God), and if women don't like that, then too bad, because that is the way it was and is. This is changing of Jesus' gender to meet the urge to be politically correct is wrong, and they will be judged and held accountable for it, not by me, but by God, the FATHER and HIS SON, JESUS (not Judith)!

Note: Judith is the feminine form of the name Juda - or Judas.'

Mr Minority