Monday, June 06, 2005

Chirac and Schroeder Not Living in Reality

Fwance and Germany's corrupt leaders are in denial to the prospect of them being able to Rule Europe through the EU.
BERLIN (Reuters) - German Chancellor Gerhard Schroeder and French President Jacques Chirac want other European Union countries to press on with ratifying the bloc's constitution, despite its rejection by French and Dutch voters.

The two leaders met in Berlin on Saturday to discuss their position ahead of an EU summit this month following the rejection of the constitution in separate referendums in France and Netherlands over the past week.

"The Chancellor and President Chirac were in agreement that the constitutional process must continue so that the views of each country are respected," German government spokesman Bela Anda told reporters after the two leaders met for dinner.

The hastily arranged meeting between the two, who have both suffered stinging rebuffs from voters in recent weeks, underlined the uncertainty surrounding the constitution in the wake of the referendum defeats.

I am sorry you idiots, if a dog is dead, putting a leash on him and dragging him behind you, does not make it alive. To disregard the fact that it takes ALL 25 members to ratify that POS called a EU Constitution, and 2 members voted NO, is denial and wishful thinking on your part isn't going to make come back to life. Chirac and Schroeder's only sorrow is not that Europe will not be one big happy family, it's because they will not have the power to rule over all the countries of Europe. This is not an altruistic act made on the behalf of other European countries, this is an act of desperation at grasping for the brass ring of power. Too Bad, you witless swine, the fat lady has sang, the lights are off, and the party is over. So go home, take two cyanide pills, and call the devil in the morning, because he is waiting for you.

Mr Minority