Monday, June 06, 2005

Take Back America Confab - Rubber-Room Roundup

The big Looney Left Confab "Take Back America" conference that was held in Washington DC last week has produce some memorable lies, factual distortions, and typical Donk craziness. I posted the other day on Howie Dean's little lying screamfest, and his distorted "truths", but more Donk dementia was spewed by the Left's car full of clowns.

Let's start with a socialist college professor that is calling Republicans "racists".
Washington ( - The Republican Party's electoral dominance of the South is due to its willingness to employ "racial politics," according to a University of Maryland professor who also referred to the region as the "Old Confederacy," during remarks Friday at the liberal Take Back America conference in Washington, D.C.

Gar Alperovitz, said the Republican Party represents "the dark side," and has been able to exploit southern states because "a radical shift has occurred in racial politics, a radical shift.

"It isn't simply the moral issues. It is the fundamental implicit and explicit racial division of the working class" that allows Republican victories in southern 'red' states, Alperovitz said.

He noted that even though "very radical conservative Democrats" from the South used to dominate with their "racial politics," they represented "a strange moment in the 20th century

"It was very odd," Alperovitz continued. "We don't realize how odd it was; it always should have been reactionary Republicans" who exploited blacks

Alperovitz, who authored the book, "America Beyond Capitalism," also launched into an attack on U.S. free enterprise during Friday's panel discussion and later in an interview with Cybercast News Service.

"The inequality of American capitalism has grown. It is an unsustainable," Alperovitz claimed. While conceding that capitalism is "the most productive system" known to humans, Alperovitz chastised what he sees as the overwhelming negatives of the system.

"[Capitalism is] very, very dangerous -- creates a great inequality, creates very great opportunity for violence and repression and demagoguery and it often undermines democracy, as in now in the United States," Alperovitz said.

Sounds like professor Alperovitz never got over that bad acid trip in the 60's. He is implying Republicans of exploiting Blacks, when it ahs been the Donk party that has been doing just that for a couple hundred years. In fact they still are, the Donks take the Black vote for granted, offer nothing in return, except enslavement in the welfare program. Where as Republicans respect Blacks enough for their vote and offer them a way to better their lives, self-respect and empowerment. As for this Nutty Professor's railing against capitalism, I wouldn't expect anything different from a social and economic Communist. The inequality in Capitalism is not due to the system, it is due to those that want to be parasites in the system and not work for their living expenses. Yes, in a capitalistic society, you have a class distinction, but remember, the "upper class" are the ones financing the jobs, spearheading growth and stimulating the economy through investments.

Now we have one of the Left's favorite raving lunatic of a "journalist" Bill "The Paint Huffer" Moyers. Buffoon Bill has long past the line of sanity into neurotic paranoia and his little diatribe makes that apparent.
Washington ( - Retired journalist Bill Moyers told a gathering of liberal activists Friday that the American dream has been knocked "flat on its back" by the influence of "right-wing radicals."

Moyers, who was the opening speaker for the final day of the Take Back America conference in Washington, D.C., pointed to a recent article in the Wall Street Journal as proof of his claim.

"Despite a widespread belief that the United States remains a more mobile society than Europe," Moyers quoted the article to his audience, "economists and sociologists say that in recent decades, the typical child starting out in poverty in Europe or in Canada has had a better chance at prosperity.

"That knocks the American dream flat on its back," he said, "but it should put fire in our bellies because what's at stake is nothing less than what it means to be an American."

The journalist stated that he had listened to many Americans during his years as a journalist, and he said the "people on the ground" don't want to get rich, but they do want "a decent-paying job, full Social Security benefits and a simple, comprehensive health-care system."

Moyers said Americans also "want the political system cleaned up. These are not radical views. These are not even liberal views. They are plain American values."

As always Billy the Huffer has his polarities crossed. It has not been the "right-wing radicals" that have knock the American Dream flat on it's back, it has been the workings of the Looney Left and their socialist agenda, the ACLU, the Gay Activists, and the Liberal MSM that have sunk America deep into the morass of immorality and social poverty. Americans don't need bootlicking and pandering, they don't need a Nanny State to protect them from themselves, they need the lessening of Gov't and the empowerment that the Republicans are offering to give. And for Americans to get "a decent-paying job, full Social Security benefits and a simple, comprehensive health-care system", they don't need the high taxes of the Donks, they don't need a second rate healthcare system envisioned by the Donks and they do need a Social Security system that has been revamped to be viable in the next decade. Billy's socialist vision is not what we need, because instead of proposing a solution, him and his ilk are the problem!!

And finally, I have saved the best for last, my favorite Donkey Demento, Jesse "The Scam Man" Jackson. Jesse in his own egocentric delusions, think that the Donks are "pro-Life".
( - Jesse Jackson, who supports abortion rights, asserted Friday that he and the left wing of the Democratic Party are pro-life. "We represent the culture of life. You cannot be against stem cell research one day, expand the war in Iraq the next day and cut vital services for education and make health care less accessible and call yourself pro-life," Jackson said, referring to Bush administration policies. "You cannot love the unborn fetus and reduce life options for the babies when they are born and lead a culture of life," Jackson added. "We cannot let the right steal the language of our struggle ... Ending slavery was pro-life, ending Jim Crow was pro-life. The right to organize is pro-life." Jackson spoke at the Take Back America conference in Washington, D.C., Friday.

Oh, Jesse, oh, Jesse, you are the greatest person you know, and in your mind you think your words are gospel. Sorry to burst your bigheaded bubble, but your party is Pro-DEATH!! Your party is for the KILLING of babies, and not just newly conceived babies, but the brutal killing of babies in the third trimester. Your party is pro-euthanasia, the killing of the disabled. Your party is for the entrapment of people in the perpetual poverty cycle, they are for the devaluing of life through affirmative action programs and your party is for debasing life through Nanny laws. So, Jesse, don't try and tell me that the Left is Pro-Life, when in reality it is Pro-Demeaning of Life and Pro-Death.

Yes, this Leftist confab of idiots has produced some entertaining statements and outrageous lies, but then again - What do You Expect From the Left?

Mr Minority