Tuesday, June 14, 2005

More Pro-Gay BS Being Forced Down the Throats of Schools

The Gay Activists and the ACLU have an agenda to force their Homosexuality down the throats of Schools and our children! And in Tracy, Calif, a gay student is threatening to sue the school unless it force their teachers to attend a pro-homosexual "training class".
The president of West High School’s Gay-Straight Alliance is threatening to sue Tracy Unified School District if teachers aren’t forced to take a training course on homophobia.

It’s the latest in a series of demands that student Justin Daley and the GSA have made of the TUSD, extra pressure that’s forcing the district and residents to grapple with homosexuality in a way that’s never happened before.

“I’m giving them time to redeem themselves,” said Daley, an Institute for Global Commerce and Government junior. “If the problems are fixed, then I won’t move any further with it.”

Daley is talking to the American Civil Liberties Union about harassment of gays on campus, though the ACLU hasn’t made a commitment to represent Daley if he decides to file a lawsuit, said Tamara Lange, a lawyer with the organization.

Forcing teachers to take a training class on "homophobia" is not going to change the fact that homosexuality is wrong, nor will it force teachers to accept this "alternative lifestyle". Gay students should not be treated any better or any worse that straight students, and they should not be given any special treatment, which they want. The threat of a lawsuit from the ACLU is how they are forcing their agenda into schools, they want more than acceptance, they want special treatment and they want schools to teach that homosexuality is right! And I say, No Way Jose!! I say treat all people the same, but don't teach our kids that homosexuality is acceptable, because it isn't. The ACLU and Gays are attacking this at the right level, at the school age level, but this is also where we with moral values need to fight it at. If we give in at the school level, then in another generation, we are going to have a bunch of messed up young adults voting and leading us down the path to hell with their skewed view of morality. I say stop it now, and especially in our schools.

Mr Minority