Thursday, June 16, 2005

Whatever Happen to Tolerance?

Remember when you were a kid, and you had big exam that you had to pass? Remember how your stomach was full of butterflies and you felt like throwing up? Well this one kid did, on his Spanish teacher, and now he is being charged with a misdemeanor!!
OLATHE, Kan. -- A Kansas student faces a misdemeanor charge after throwing up on his Spanish teacher on the last day of school.

Johnson County, Kan., prosecutors have charged the boy with battery against a school teacher, and ordered him to juvenile court on July 1.

The boy's father said he believes what his son told him -- that the stress of final exams made him ill.

But the boy's teacher at Olathe Northwest, David Young, called the youngster's actions "outrageous," and said he's pleased with the support he's received.

What an ASSHOLE of a teacher!!! To be pleased that you got a kid hauled off to juvie because he threw up on you. What ever happened to understanding? Whatever happen to thinking that the kid may have actually have been nervious? I doubt that the kid could throw up on demand, I doubt that he could have timed it so he would puke on the teacher. This teacher should not be teaching if this is the kind of attitude that he has, he has no sympathy for his students, he doesn't care about them, so I say he should get another job, more suited for his personality, say like a janitor at a porno book store.

Mr Minority