Saturday, June 18, 2005

More Reason to Quit Coddling These Animals and Eradicate Them

While the Donks, ACLU, the Red Cross and Amnesty International are berating the US for "torturing" terrorists, these same terrorists are still planning to attack us again.
Al-Qaida is far from being neutralized and is planning its next "catastrophic" attack, according to a top expert on the terrorist organization.

Dr. Saad al-Faqih, who heads the Saudi opposition group Movement for Islamic Reform in Arabia, was asked in an interview in London if there is any credence to reports of al-Qaida's "demise." His response was chilling:

"Nobody knows how al-Qaida really works. Consider, for instance, that the time lapse between the Africa embassy bombings and 9/11 was more than three years. Therefore the fact that no major attack has taken place since 9/11 is not altogether very surprising.

"Al-Qaida is an extremely resilient organization and it will most likely surprise everybody by how, when and where it executes its next catastrophic attack."

Asked when a weapons of mass destruction attack is likely to take place, Dr. al-Faqih said: "It could happen at any time."

It is time to stop coddling these cowardly terrorists and hunt then down and kill them like you would a rabid dog, since they won't act like humans, they must be animals and should be treated as such! With the Left whining and crying about torture, they are protecting the ones that will kill with cowardly actions. No more Mr Nice Guy, to hell with the Geneva Conventions, go anywhere they are and blast them, kill them, and spread pig entrails over their carcasses, before a nuke is exploded in the US. If that does happen, then the Red Cross, Amnesty International and the Left are going to be the first ones that I will blame and punch out!!

Mr Minority