Friday, June 17, 2005

Join the EU and Wallow in Idiotic Bureaucracy

The EU Constitution is 450 pages long and just chock full of nuggets of red tape and idiotacies. And here is a great example of what the people can expect.
To the many satisfied customers who buy Ann Doy's prized homemade piccalilli it does not matter where the ingredients have come from. It is the taste that counts.

But Government officials, acting on European regulations, are determined that she, and thousands like her, must now account for every ingredient, insisting on them keeping receipts for a year for each item purchased.

So, for her autumn chutneys this year, Mrs Doy will need to keep a record of the marrows grown in her father's garden, the runner beans and green tomatoes from her own, the onions and courgettes from the farm shop and mustard and sugar she purchases from Tesco.

Receipts must be available for inspection by Trading Standard's officers under new rules contained within an amendment to the Food Safety Act.

The legislation affects all homemade produce and even cricket teas will be held to account.

Don't ya just love what an unchecked socialist Gov't can do for you? The Nanny State of Europe and England are out to protect you from yourself and evil people that make homemade products. What a load of bureaucratic crap!!! I pity the regular types in Europe that are having to suffer under this type of Governmental harassment, not being able to live without having a license for everything, paying a fee to think or eat and filling out forms to be able to have a bowel movement. And if we in America don't watch out, the Donks will have us doing the same thing.

Mr Minority