Sunday, June 19, 2005

The Meaning of Father's Day

Today being Father's Day, I am sad that I don't get to recognize my Father who died 4 years ago. But I do get to enjoy my 2 sons getting to celebrate with me.

I have found that being a Father is more than impregnating a mother and providing food and clothing for your child. Being a Father comes with great responsibilities - bring your child up to become a proper adult. This means instilling in them honor, integrity, loyalty, duty, assume responsiblity for your own actions, fairness, faith, judging people by their heart and actions, not by their race or skin color and a drive to add something to world, not just take something away. My Father taught me these things, and I taught my boys. It wasn't always easy, in fact there were times when I thought I had failed, but as my boys grew into young men, these good traits started to appear and I knew that I had accomplished what I was suppose to do, which was be a good Father. I didn't always shower them with gifts, I didn't always go to every soccer game or little league game, but what I did do was show them I loved them even when I was disciplining them. By showing that I loved them and instilling them with the good traits, I have brought up 2 great Men to be productive members of American society, and I am very proud of them. And to top it off, they are as conservative as me, if not more.

With my Father gone, today I am going to enjoy just being a Father and have fun with my boys (ages 22 and 20).

Happy Father's Day

Mr Minority