Monday, June 27, 2005

Let's Debunk "Global Warming"

As you all know, the "Global Warming" scare is a pet peave of mine. The Communists, Liberals, Eco-Nuts, and greedy junk scientists have been pushing this garbage for a few decades. They all have an agenda: The Communies and Liberals (I know, they are the same) are pushing it to hinder capitalism by place a tremenous economic burden on Gov'ts and businesses. The Eco-Nuts, Bunny-Huggers and Tree-Gropers are pushing it because it stiffles industrial development and because any cause that can save a worthless insect, bunny, salamander, Golden-Cheek Warbler is one worth squealing about to these anti-Humans. And the Junk Scientists are pushing it because they recieve grant monies and recognition for being on the "Global Warming" bandwagon. But the truth is that all the Bruhaha is based on faulty data and fradulant climate modeling. There have been some honest scientists that have made these assertions, but their voices always tend to get smuthered by those with the agenda. Now a few scientists in Canada have made a video debunking the myth of "Global Warming".
( - Some Canadian scientists have rejected the so-called "global warming" threat, insisting that climate change is normal and isn't even caused by humans.

A new video, produced by the Calgary, Alberta-based group, Friends of Science, is titled, "Climate Catastrophe Cancelled: What you are NOT being told about the science of Climate Change!"

In the video, Prof. Ross McKitrick from the University of Guelph in Ontario claims that advocates of the "global warming" theory used flawed computer models to try to prove their case. He describes a study "that appeared in the world's top science journal and yet years went by and they never noticed that the data description that had accompanied the paper was wrong, that there were very important methodological issues that weren't described in the paper."

Climate models, if used accurately, would show that the temperatures from hundreds of years ago were similar to the temperatures of today, adds Dr. Sallie Baliunas, a scientific advisory board member for the Friends of Science.

Baliunas, who is also a research scientist at the Harvard-Smithsonian Centre for Astrophysics in Cambridge, Mass., maintains in the video that she has no quarrel with the idea of climate change. "Climate always changes," Baliunas says in the video. "It always has and it always will, no matter what humans are doing.

Speaking at the video's presentation on Capitol Hill June 23, Dr. Tim Ball, a retired professor of climatology from the University of Winnipeg, said the liberal view of climate change or "global warming" ignores some of the most important variables.

He compared the investigation of climate change with that of a broken down car. "Ignoring the sun is like ignoring the engine, ignoring water vapor is like ignoring the transmission and focusing on human produced CO2 (carbon dioxide) is like looking at one nut on the right rear wheel," Ball said.

The Friends of Science video describes water vapor as the "main greenhouse gas in the atmosphere," whose effects on the climate have not been sufficiently investigated.

As for man-made carbon dioxide, enemy number one of "global warming" activists and the focus of the Kyoto Protocol - the international emissions reduction treaty -- it has not been shown to affect temperature levels, according to Dr. Tim Patterson, professor of geology and paleoclimatology at Carleton University in Ottawa, Ontario.

"We actually had a decline in temperature from the 1940s through about the late 1970s to 1980. All this while, CO2 levels were increasing like crazy all around the world," he said.

Prof. Ian Clark, from the department of earth sciences at the University of Ottawa, asserts in the Friends of Science video that his research into naturally-occurring CO2, tracked over the earth's history, showed that "CO2 acts as a result of temperature rise and [is] not a cause of temperature rise."

It is nice to see honest scientists present the facts without their liberal bias involved. I will bet you a paycheck that this video is never mentioned in the MSM, because it debunks their view and agenda. The more these types of scientific papers and videos get out warning the people about the LIES, then maybe more people will realize that they have been sold a bag full of wooden nickels and say "Talk to the Hand, Commie Eco-Nazis!!".

Mr Minority