Sunday, June 26, 2005

Are the UN and EU Anti-Christian?

A new book written by two Italian authors reveal the fact that the UN and the EU are Anti-Christian, because Christianity get in the way of their Secular Humanist agenda.
Two Italian authors accuse the United Nations and the European Union of spreading anti-Christian tendencies.

Eugenia Roccella and Lucetta Scaraffia voice their criticism in their book "Against Christianity: The UN and the EU as a New Ideology," by Piemme Publishers.

The Austrian Internet information service quotes the new book as stating that the U.N. has been part of several initiatives for religious dialogue and a universal code of ethics. The initiatives were based on the assumption that all religions are equal.

Attempts also had been made to formulate a universal moral code and to replace the Ten Commandments with an "earth charter" – a mix of religion, ecology and paganism.

This amalgam of New Age thinking, ecological visions and an idealistic understanding of tolerance had been met with sharp criticism by the Roman Catholic Church.

The authors also note differences in the understanding of human rights. In their view, the United Nations is focusing on humanist traditions and the ideals of the French and American revolutions. The churches, however, see human rights as an expression of the understanding that every human being is made in God’s image.

According to the authors, the international institutions regard the Roman Catholic Church as well as some other religions as a threat to their efforts. These tendencies had climaxed in the refusal of the EU to acknowledge the Christian heritage in the proposed constitution.

According to Roccella and Scaraffia, the EU is influenced by anti-Christian, especially anti-Catholic, attitudes.

The authors accuse the European institutions of largely ignoring the persecution of Christians.

While the human rights commission of the European Parliament, for instance, has denounced the suppression of the religious Falun Gong movement and of Buddhists in China, it kept silent about the oppression of Christians.

The EU was critical of Islamic countries with regard to the discrimination against women but not of Christian minorities.

A report issued in 2003 by the EU Human Rights Commission had described religion as one of the worst enemies of human rights and as a danger for world peace.

The EU also was engaged actively in the support of organizations such as the International Planned Parenthood Foundation, which advocates abortion as a right for women.

With the Trash of Turtle Bay, I can understand being Anti-Christian because Christianity doesn't sit well with their "Rule the World" and "One Big Happy Religious Family" agenda, but with Europe I am disappointed, because it was from Europe that Christianity spread and now they are turning their backs on it. Not only do we have to fight the hatred by Muslims, the ACLU, and Gay Activist in America, but we are having to defend ourselves against the vilification by the UN and EU in the rest of the world. We Christians are in for some tough times ahead, but then again, we are suppose to be ready for it. It's a sad world we live in when you have defend your right to be a Christian, and I will tell you - NOBODY IS GOING TO TAKE IT AWAY FROM ME!!

Mr Minority