Saturday, June 25, 2005

Standing By Your Convictions Against Injustice

The two Christian Pastors in Australia, said that they would rather go to jail than apologize for giving anti-Muslim sermons.
( - Two evangelical pastors in Australia convicted of vilifying Muslims say they will go to prison rather than obey a judge's order to apologize.

A tribunal judge in the state of Victoria on Wednesday instructed Danny Nalliah and Daniel Scot to apologize for their comments by publishing a prescribed statement in newspapers and on the website of Nalliah's ministry, Catch the Fire.

They would also have to promise never to repeat them -- or any other comments which would have the "same or similar effect" -- anywhere in Australia or on the Internet.

Failure to do so would make it "necessary for further orders to be made," said Judge Michael Higgins of the Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal (VCAT), a body that operates like a normal court of law.

In a landmark ruling last December, Higgins found that the two had vilified Muslims at a seminar on Islam and in articles published in a newsletter and on the Internet.

He said Scot, a Pakistan-born pastor who addressed the seminar, had done so "in a way which is essentially hostile, demeaning and derogatory of all Muslim people, their god, Allah, the prophet Mohammed and in general Muslim religious beliefs and practices."

The offending statement included the view that the Koran promotes violence and killing; that Muslims lie; and that Muslims intend to take over Australia and declare it an Islamic state.

Shortly after the order was handed down at the VCAT chambers in Melbourne Wednesday, Nalliah told Cybercast News Service that he and Scot would go to prison rather than comply.

"We have from the beginning said this law is a foul law. And it's under the law that the judge has brought the judgment," he said. "Complying with the judge's judgment makes it clear that we respect the law - but we don't respect the law."

Asked whether he really expected that such a stand could land them in prison, Nalliah said they were taking the position because they wanted to see the law abolished.

"But the repercussions, as I understand, could result in the judge saying 'you'll have to go into jail for a season because you rejected my judgment.' We are willing to face it if that's the case."

The two have appealed to the Supreme Court.

This law IS wrong!! And the pastors are going to stand up for their belief in the truth and against an unjust law. Canada has this same type of law and has already fined people under similar circumstances, and Great Britain is contemplating enacting this same kind of Rights limiting law. What has happened to these countries, that they would appease Homosexuals and Muslims to throttle the rights of their citizens? I used to want to live in Australia, but now that they have draconian Guns Laws and denial of Free Speech, I view that country as another third world country trouncing the rights of it's citizens. It is sad to see countries like Canada, Australia and Great Britain, that used to be great defenders of freedom, going down the tubes to tyranny. Sad, Very Sad.

Mr Minority