Thursday, June 23, 2005

Two New Polls Reveal REAL American Opinions

The MSM misleads the public into what THEY want America to think and how THEY feel Americans should view certain issues. But Americans are not being mislead by these Liberal media outlets, and these two new polls demonstrate that.

The first poll shows that Americans think that immigrants ought to learn English and adopt to OUR culture.
Two-thirds of Americans believe immigrants should integrate into the U.S. culture, according to a new poll.

The Rasmussen Reports survey found that just 17 percent believe immigrants should maintain the culture of their home country while 67 percent believe newcomers should "adopt America's culture, language, and heritage."

Seventy-nine percent say immigrants should be required to learn English before they are allowed to become citizens. Just 14 percent disagree.

Rasmussen said similar attitudes were found in a February survey showing overwhelming opposition to letting illegal aliens obtain drivers licenses or receive government benefits such as Medicaid.

The now poll also found that 64 percent of Americans believe U.S. schools should teach all students in English. Twenty-nine percent believe some schools should offer courses in different languages.

I think Americans are tired of bending over for everybody and their brother, and that if you want to live here and become a citizen you need to learn ENGLISH!! Since that is the OFFICIAL language of this country. And if you want your kids to go to American schools, they will have to learn ENGLISH also. These are not the attitudes that the Left and MSM would have you adopt, but they are the attitudes of the large majority of Americans.

The next poll is even worse for going against what the MSM would have you believing: 70% of Americans think that the Gitmo detainees are being treated correctly!!
A new poll reveals seven of 10 Americans believe the terror detainees at the Guantanamo Bay prison camp are being treated "better than they deserve" or "about right."

The poll conducted by Rasmussen Reports found 36 percent of respondents believe the prisoners are being treated "better than they deserve," while 34 percent said "about right."

Just 20 percent of Americans polled believed detainees have been treated unfairly.

For all the BruHaha the Donks and MSM have been stirring up about Gitmo and the alledged "torturing" going on, the public is not buying it. They know that they are being feed a line of crap, and the public knows that we are not immoral torturers. It is great to know that John Q. Public is not as stupid as the Donks and MSM want to believe. I Love America!!

Mr Minority