Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Pressure From the Clintonistas

The new book "The Truth About Hillary" by Edward Klein has generated a lot of controversy and the Clinton Left has been putting up a lot of pressure to keep it out of the news.
Talk show host Sean Hannity broke the media censorship of the details of the new book by Edward Klein, "The Truth About Hillary."

But one of the nation’s top conservative talkers said the book had ingited a "huge controversy" and that even he was under enormous pressure to cancel his planned interviews with Klein for his ABC syndicated radio program and Fox News TV show.

"I've had more political pressure than I've ever had in all my years in radio," Hannity said to Klein after a blockbuster 90-minute interview with the controversial author.

Hannity did not elaborate on the source of the pressure to cancel the planned appearance.

Nor did he apparently buckle to the pressure, explaining to his radio audience, "We deal in controversy - that's what we do here."

"I've got to tell you," Hannity told Klein midway through the interview. "Do you know the number of requests I've had to cancel you and not have you on this program? I think it was higher than any guest or controversial author we've had on this program."

"I've never in the history of this program had more demands to cancel the guest," Hannity reiterated.

But Klein quickly interjected to say that the Clinton public relations machine had successfully pressured other radio and TV outlets to cancel interviews with him.

"A number of people who have booked me on TV and radio have already canceled," Klein said. "And the reason they've canceled is because the publicity machine of the Clintons is hard at work."

The Donks, and especially the Clintons hate the truth, because it exposes them for the charletains that they are. This book must be real good and dirty for the Clinton Machine to go into overdrive the way they have, so that means that it needs to get more exposure. Thank You, Sean Hannity for having the cojones to buck the pressure and bring this "controversy" to the forefront.

Mr Minority