Monday, June 20, 2005


Sometimes life throws you a zinger, and you have to deal with it, like this:
The Dalai Lama has admitted mosquitoes drive him crazy because his Buddhist faith rules he cannot kill them.

Even when the insects bite him, he is supposed to stay calm and just shoo them away instead.

Buddhists are not allowed to kill, but the Tibetan spiritual leader admitted on a German talk show Beckmann that it was hard to stay disciplined when it came to mosquitoes.

He said: "When I'm trying to sleep, the loud buzzing of mosquitoes and their bites really annoy me."

The 69-year-old said that by the second bite he usually loses his cool, and will start trying to shoo them away.

It's highly annoying, sucks your blood and you can't kill it, oh well, that's life.

Mr Minority