Monday, June 27, 2005

No Room at the Inn for the UN

The corrupt UN wants to rebuild a new office complex to replace the old one, and not only do they want us to pay for it, but they want to take over a park in NYC for the land. They have to get approval for the NY Senate to buy the land, and being good New Yorker, the State Senate just ignored them and it died!
Late last week, the New York State senate refused to endorse a United Nations capital master renovation plan, which would have ceeded a nearby city park to the world body.

With the legislature now on a summer recess, the U.N. plan as currently envisaged is essentially dead.

The United Nations is in the process of trying to overhaul its signature 38-story glass walled Secretariat building. Not only is its foundation slowly descending into the nearby East River, it is also loaded with asbestos, which federal and city authorities insist must be removed.

The U.N. had hoped to build a new 35-story, 900,000 sq. ft. facility in nearby Robert Moses Park to house the organization's 6,000 workers while the Secretariat underwent renovations.

Afterwards, the U,N. had hoped to use the new building to condense other employees currently scattered around Manhattan.

While it is unclear why the NYS senate turned thumbs down on the U.N. project, some legislators insisted that Albany was in no mood to give the world body any handouts in lieu of the ever-widening Oil for Food program scandal.

Though the U.N. could use land on its own campus for the new facility, it is not clear how it can finance the project, which is believed to carry a price-tag of more than $1 billion.

Secretary-General Kofi Annan had hoped that New York State and New York City together with Washington would "assist" in helping the U.N. garner the necessary finances to underwrite the project.

Now it seems the city and state will come up dry.

So Sorry Kofi, no funds for corrupt, child raping, anti-American, anti-Israeli scumbags like you!! Did think you that you could demonize us, pass anti-American resolution, line your own pockets while Iraqis starved, and come to us with your hand out looking for money and we would automatically give it to you? You ARE stupider than you look, because we aren't the Fwench type morons you take us for. If you all don't like the old building - MOVE!! Preferably far away, say Fwance or Saudi Arabia where you real friends are. Nervy bastards, stupid, but nervy.

Mr Minority