Monday, June 27, 2005

Fun in the Sun Weekend

Well, I just had one great weekend!! The whole Minority Family and I attended the Bacchanal on the Comal TxBlogfest, which was as much fun as you can have while keeping your clothes on!!

I want to thank Zippo the Pirate for heading it up, and Beth for helping Zippo and cooking the B-B-Q ribs, and Zippo's friend Stu for allowing us to use his place to headquarters at. Much fun was had by all, with great people/bloggers like Lord Spatula, Denita TwoDragons and Eric the Mad Monk, HumbleDevilDog, El Capitan, and Dash gathered together toobin', shooting and beer drinking.

Friday night we ate, then saw Buckwheat Zydeco put on a rockin' show at the Gruene Dance Hall, Saturday was a 3 hr toobin' ride down the Comal (with plenty of jello shots and beer), then onto a charred animal flesh feast, beer, cigars and great conversation afterwards. And yesterday to cap it off, we went to a local shooting range and shot off more rounds that were shot during the Texas Revolution. We shot everything from .22 pistols, .45 Auto and .45 Long Revolver, .40 S&W Sig 226, my .357 Revolver, .380, my .270 Rifle, 30-30 Winchester, a Ruger .17 Hornet, .204 and a 22 Mag and a few more that I forgot. I love the smell of cordite. I want to thank El Capitan and Ray for allowing us to use their arsenals to make lots of holes in paper (take that you Liberal Commie Tree-Huggers!!).

Yes, it was a great weekend, but much too short. After a few weeks to recover, I could do it again, and hopefully we will plan another one soon.

Mr Minority