Friday, September 19, 2008

The Democratic Party - The Party of Projectionists and Inverters

Today's Democrats are definitely not the Donks of old. Today's Donks are projectionists and to them Black is White and White is Black:

- To the Donks, America is Bad and everyone else is Good

- Abortion = Good, not aborting a Down Syndrome Baby = Bad

- Taking Americans' Money for pork-barrel projects and entitlement programs = Good, Tax Cuts = Bad

- Socialist Black Presidential candidate = Good, Conservative White Woman VP candidate = Bad

- Releasing Terrorists = Good, Killing Terrorists = Bad

- High Gas Prices = Good, Drilling Offshore to reduce our dependency on foreign oil = Bad

- They call us mudslingers, yet launch vile personal attacks on Sarah Palin and her family

- They call us hatemongers, yet all you have to do is read dKos, the DU or the HuffPo to see who the real hatemongers are

- They call us racists and homophobes, yet call any Black conservative "Uncle Tom" and Gay conservative turn-coat faggots

- They call us dividers, yet if you don't agree with them, they will heap scorn upon you

- They believe that the world is going to burn up due to "Global Warming" and we all must ride bicycles to work, yet live in McMansions, ride in limos and fly in private jets

Yes, the Donks are the opposite of what they tell people they are and what they believe in.

Mr Minority