Thursday, September 18, 2008

John Edwards Was Right, There Are Two Americas

But not the two Americas that the Silky Pony was talking about. No we have regular Americans who live their normal lives, vote, have families, go to work and watch football and NASCAR. And then we have the other Americans that believe anything is acceptable to take control of the Gov't so they can run and ruin the rest of the American's lives.

And those bad Americans are the type to smear people with the label of "racist" because they don't worship the Obamessiah, they are the ones that spew lies about Sarah Palin and her family. And they are the ones that are despicable enough to hack into her private e-mail account and leak them through a low-class gossip website.

The presidential campaign was going about normal until John McCain had the cojones and smarts to select Sarah Palin to be his VP candidate. Then all hell broke lose on the Left and in the MSM. They were unhinged to begin with, but with Palinmania overwhelming the nation and the One sliding in the polls, the Left went Mad Dog and resorted to not slinging mud, but loads of rancid dog crap.

They have it in their sick minds that their Messiah will not lose, and they will do anything, and I mean anything, to make him the Savior of the US, as they are demonstrating to us now.

This last incident shows us real Americans how Mad Dog the kool-aide drinking cultist Left will go, and we can expect it to get lot worse as we get closer to Nov 4th.

Mr Minority

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