Monday, September 15, 2008

The Obamessiah and His Backdoor Dealing in Iraq

The One has been spewing his opinion on the Iraqi War being illegal and wanting to bring our troops home immediately to everybody. If this is his policy, then why did he try to make a deal with Iraqi leaders not to withdraw our troops?
WHILE campaigning in public for a speedy withdrawal of US troops from Iraq, Sen. Barack Obama has tried in private to persuade Iraqi leaders to delay an agreement on a draw-down of the American military presence.

According to Iraqi Foreign Minister Hoshyar Zebari, Obama made his demand for delay a key theme of his discussions with Iraqi leaders in Baghdad in July.

Why did he want a delay? Could it be that he doesn't want troops to come home because it may make the Republicans look good? May it be that he wanted the delay so it wouldn't make him look like the idiot that he is? He is playing politics with our troops! And trying to usurp the power he does not possess in making those kinds of deals.
"He asked why we were not prepared to delay an agreement until after the US elections and the formation of a new administration in Washington," Zebari said in an interview.

He definitely is playing politics, backdoor politics with our troops in Iraq. He also has the insane hubris to think he is going to be the next President and should make the deal.
Obama insisted that Congress should be involved in negotiations on the status of US troops - and that it was in the interests of both sides not to have an agreement negotiated by the Bush administration in its "state of weakness and political confusion."

Obama, the Constitutional Scholar, should read the Constitution again, because he forgot that Congress has no control over negotiating treaties or troop strength in foreign countries, that is the job of the President.

The One's ego is so big that he believes that he is going to be the next President and only he has the power to deal with Iraqi leaders.

I have a sneaky feeling that he believes all the creepy hype about him being The One, and that only he can save America and the world.

Pride goes before the fall, and man is he going to fall far and hard.

Mr Minority