Monday, September 15, 2008

What I Think About ....

I sent this summer, not blogging, not feeling the pressure of having to write about current events and what is happening with the election campaigns. I spent this summer absorbing it all in, watching the events unfold, reading the opinions of others, to see if they matched mine, where we agreed and disagreed. And not to be boastful, but I was ahead of the curve on several issues/events.

And here are several opinions I have formed:

- The Obamessiah is a tool. He has no backbone, he is a Donk fascade. A false front, with nothing behind that front but a dilapidated building. He is hollow shell of a building, with busted out windows, still being powered by the Chicago Democratic Party Machine, Che posters lining the walls and old raggedy Communist Workers Party pamphlets mixed with stale urine littering the floor. He brings NOTHING! His Hope is the Hope of power for himself, his Change, is just that tired old Change of the money from our pockets to his Party's and friends pockets. And have you noticed? He is a pussy! Hell I bet he would cry the first time Sarah Palin gave him an elbow in a game of one-on-one.

- I was not a McCain supporter throughout the primary. I was a Fred Thompson supporter, because I thought he could lead the nation and federal gov't towards the direction we needed to be. But McCain won the nomination fairly and is the Party's choice, I can respect that. Then over the summer I watched McCain's campaign grow a pair of cojones and attack the One where it hurts: His ego and his lack of experience. Then I saw John McCain pull the smartest move I have ever seen: selecting Sarah Palin to be his VP mate.

- I have been a Palin backer since her name was first mentioned back in April or May. I saw in Palin the social and fiscally conservative we need. I saw someone that is a mother, NRA member and can skin a moose. I saw a good looking women with fire in her eyes and grit in her voice when talking about reform of gov't, I saw someone, along with McCain, that would fight the Washington Beltway crap, and maybe do some real Change in our Fed. Gov't, not just empty words.

- Yes, John McCain is not the best candidate for conservatives, and yes, Sarah Palin is not the most experienced, but both of them have what it takes to do the Changing we need (if we give them a chance), where as the other choice we have is a nonentity with worn out empty rhetoric and leftist ideology.

- This summer has also shone me that I was wrong about the MSM, they can and have sunk lower than I ever would have thought. CBS-NBC-ABC-CNN-MSNBC have always disgusted me, but watching them pee their pants with adolescence glee after the One's European trip and reading their demented mad dog rage against Sarah Palin has shone me and millions of other Americans, that there is no ethics in journalism any more, it has gone the way of the dodo bird. They are so far in the tank for the One, that the sediment at the bottom of the tank are like high cirrus clouds to them. And the American people know it!

Other issues and opinions:

- Get Georgia and the Ukraine into NATO ASAP! Kick the Bear in the nuts!

- Olympics: Michael Phelps = most excellent dude! Underage Chinese gymnasts demonstrate that Red China is still a Commie Gov't with no morals or ethics. Don't blame the the gymnasts, blame the ones that forced them to lie and compete.

- Bobby Jindal showed Louisiana and America what a real Governor can and should do in case of an emergency.

- The Republicans in the House showed America what politicians that care and have balls should do, while the corrupt Donks take a 5 week vacation and Americans are needing relief from high gas prices.

- Joe Biden reminds me of Bob Uecker, except Bob Uecker is nicer, funny, and isn't a slimy, plagiarizing, wimp that loves his pork.

- America 0, Terrorist -597. Imagine the surprise those cowardly terrorist got when they found out that there are no 72 virgins, just 72 daily man love visits from the Devil.

I am going to start blogging again, ranting and raving and exposing truth, the light that burns the vampires of darkness and lies.

This upcoming election is going to be a fun ride, let's ride this one together with posts and comments.

Mr Minority

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