Tuesday, September 16, 2008

When the Leftist Race Baiters are Stuck on Stupid, There is Nothing You Can Do About It

The One has already told America that people won't vote for him because he's Black, and we have people quoting the "Bradley Effect" when talking about his polling numbers. But what these morons don't understand, is that it doesn't matter if the Obamessiah is Black or White, he is a friggin' inexperienced, power hungry, Donk socialist!

It is not the color of his skin that makes him unacceptable, it is his pro-baby killing ideology. His surrender in Iraq, after we have already pacified the county.

I don't care if his middle name is "Hussein", I care that he wants to tax me to death. I care that he wants to lick Iran's boots. I care that he is tied to criminals, terrorists and the corrupt Chicago political machine.

The only ones pushing Obama's "race" are the racists themselves, the rest of us are only concerned on where he stands on the issues, and his lack of experience to do anything other than raise money from his kool-aide drinking cult followers and give Chris Matthews a boner.

Racism still lives in America, and the majority of the racists are those that demand something from us without earning it.

Mr Minority

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