Wednesday, April 02, 2008

I Am Sick and Tired Of... #12

It has built up to the point to where I have to vent or go postal.

I am Sick and Tired of...

- So called "tolerant" people not being tolerant with those they disagree with.

- People being stupid enough to believe in the pandering "Hope" and "Change". and if they are stupid enough to believe this tripe, then they are too stupid to be allowed to vote!

- The high cost of food and gas, all because the Chicken Littles and enviro-nazis what to save the world, that doesn't need saving.

- The MSM (I don't have enough space to list all the reasons).

- The Public School system that is trying to brain wash our children with revised PC history, Darwinism, the "Being Green" BS and handing out condoms.

- "The Surge has Failed" No Senator, your perception of reality has failed.

- Code Pink

- Leftard cities trying to impeach and/or arrest President Bush and VP Dick Cheney.

- Moonbat Google


- Islamics that are trying to kill us, destroy our civilization and take over the world.

- Those that appease and kiss the butts of those Islamics.

- Nanny Staters that want to control my life.

- Commie and Liberals that say they are "progressives", when they really are socialists, with a regressive agenda.

- Anti-gunners trying to take away our guns and get us all killed because the criminals have guns and won't give them up.

- HollyWeird's agenda to force anti-American films down our throats, even after all these films continue to tank at the box office.

- Television! Paparazzi, and the idiots that really care about everything Britney Spears.

There are more, but I have vented enough.

And if you can think of any, leave me a comment.

Mr Minority

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