Saturday, March 29, 2008

Let Your Lights Shine BRIGHT This Weekend

The Chicken Littles and Global Warming kool-aide drinkers are pushing a "turn off your lights for 1 hour" this weekend.
( - Millions of people around the world are expected to turn off their lights for an hour over this weekend in a concerted global dimming campaign meant to draw attention to climate change. "Earth Hour," an initiative of the World Wildlife Fund, begins in New Zealand at 8 PM local time Saturday, and then moves westward as cities in other time zones reach that hour. In Sydney, Australia - where the campaign debuted last year - municipal authorities have agreed to turn out lights on the city's iconic Harbor Bridge and Opera House. In last year's "Earth Hour," organizers claimed that two million people participated and that Sydney's emissions of "greenhouse gases" during that hour were reduced by one-tenth, although those figures have been hotly disputed. This year the initiative has been expanded, and 27 "partner cities" are named on the campaign's Web site, including Chicago, Atlanta, San Francisco and Phoenix. Bloggers skeptical about theories of human-induced global warming are promoting a counter-campaign, urging people to use as many lights and as much electrical equipment as they wish during the targeted time period. Some have dubbed it the "Hour of Power."

Even Google, the search engine site that won't post a cartoon on Veterans or Memorial Days, has gotten into the hype.

I say burn your lights all hours of the day so we can offset the stupidity of the morons that believe that man is cause of "Global Warming" (which it's not, we are actually in a cooling period), while ignoring the evidence that has shown that the Sun has a vastly greater effect on our climate than anything we can spew into the atmosphere.

So let your lights burn BRIGHT this weekend!

Mr Minority