Friday, February 01, 2008

Facing the Inevitable

Unlike the Left, I understand what reality is, and I deal with it. And the reality is that it looks like Johnny Mac is going to be the GOP nominee for the election.

Do I like it? No!

But I will deal with it and support him in the General Election.

Do I think Mitt Romney still has a chance? Yes, and hopefully he can pull a miracle out, but I don't think it will happen.

John McCain's past record bothers me, a lot.

His participation in the "Gang of 14" appeasing the Donks, his Shamnesty Bill, his vote against the Bush tax cuts and the Feingold-McCain Act all are not actions of a true conservative. And he really pissed me off, only as he and Arlene Spector can do.

What we need is a true conservative in the White House, that is why I supported Fred! Thompson, not a squishy RINO like McCain. Someone that is conservative day to day, keeps to the conservative principles, not just the ones he wants to acknowledge.

With that all said, I still will vote for him for President, because the alternative is a lot worse, and the selection of Supreme Court judges is too important to leave to a liberal to make, just when the SCOTUS is starting to get back on track.

I will vote for him, but also don't expect to see a "McCain '08" sign in my yard, that I can't do.

Damn I wish the public wasn't so stupid!!

Mr Minority

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