Monday, December 24, 2007

A Christmas Story

This time of year, the Christmas Season, we are hustling and bustling, getting last minute gifts, preparing to cook big family feasts, or traveling to be with family. And in all the hustle and bustle, some of the stories that depict Christmas are lost.

Not this one:
In Bal Harbour, the baby Jesus statue is back where it belongs.

For six years, Dina Cellini has put up a Nativity display in Bal Harbour's Founders Circle. But earlier this month, someone took off with the statue of Jesus. Cincinnati resident Jeffrey Harris read a story about the crime online.

"I felt bad. How could someone steal a baby Jesus?" said Harris, who celebrates Hanukkah, not Christmas.

"Even though I am Jewish, I like the Christmas spirit," said Harris, a civil attorney. So he offered to replace the figurine.

"He's a wonderful human being," Cellini said. "It's so fitting that this negative act ended generously."

Here we have an unselfish act performed by a Jew, living in another state, for a Christian so the Nativity can be enjoyed by all.

This is a real Christmas story.

Mr Minority