Friday, December 21, 2007

War on Christmas 2007 - Part 14.3

The War on Christmas is not always being waged by PC retailers and pantywaist Gov'ts, you can include crazy Christian hating loons and, believe it or not, the Archbishop of Canterbury.

The reason for Christmas is Christ, but to some that is too much for them so they feel the need to desecrate Nativity scenes.
( - With Dec. 25 only days away, a central image in the celebration of Christmas -- the manger scene featuring replicas of Joseph, Mary and the baby Jesus -- has become the focus of attacks by vandals and leaders of "the secular Left," Christian groups charged on Wednesday.

While the Catholic League for Religious and Civil Rights was erecting a nativity scene in New York City's Central Park, the group issued a news release condemning three dozen instances in which manger scenes were vandalized or stolen from Antioch, Calif., to Leesburg, Va., this Christmas season.

"In perhaps the sickest incident, a public school coach in Marietta, Ga., drove students around the area in his pickup truck, instructing them to thrash Christmas displays after dark," League said.

During their Dec. 8 vandalism spree, 46-year-old John Hayes and several middle school students damaged a number of Christmas displays, let the air out of inflatable figures and rearranged plastic reindeer into X-rated sexual positions.

Wow, it takes a big man to trash other people's property and to show Christians that you hate their religion. I hope they feel real smug and righteous, because in reality they are petty and sick humans.

But the biggest assault came from the Archbishop of Canterbury, the head of the Anglican/Episcopal Church, who claim the the Nativity scene is a myth and that the Virgin Birth is too.
The Archbishop of Canterbury, Dr Rowan Williams, dismissed the Christmas story of the Three Wise Men yesterday as nothing but “legend”.


And as for the star rising and then standing still: the Archbishop pointed out that stars just don’t behave like that.


He said he was committed to belief in the Virgin Birth “as part of what I have inherited”. But belief in the Virgin Birth should not be a “hurdle” over which new Christians had to jump before they were accepted.

He hinted that decades ago he was not “too fussed” with the literal truth of the doctrine of the Virgin Birth. But as time went on, he developed a “deeper sense” of what the Virgin Birth was all about.

And people are surprised that the Episcopal church is sliding into oblivion, I'm not considering the head of the Church is denying a basic tenet of Christianity.

Just because stars "just don’t behave like that" or virgins don't give birth, doesn't mean that miracles don't happen, because God can do it. And that is what Christmas is all about, celebrating the miracle of Jesus.

To those that trash Nativity scenes and to Dr. Rowan; Merry Christmas, because even though you don't believe in the celebration of Christ's birth, I do.

Mr Minority