Thursday, December 20, 2007

Who Do I Want to See Win the Nomination - The Democrat's Nomination That Is

I have already made my choice for the candidate that I want to win the Republican nomination, and that choice is Fred Thompson.

But who would I like to see win the Donk nomination?

There are actually 3 candidate running for the Donks, they are Clinton, Obama and the Silky Pony Edwards.

Let's examine B. Hussein Obama:

First he really lacks experience, being a Senator at the state level for a few years and the State's Senator for 3 years, he has nothing. In fact I would like to see a chart of his time spent at actual legislating vs time spent campaigning, because he has spent at lot of time campaigning.

Second, he is naive, very naive. His vision of reality is all flowers and puppy dogs, not how the true world works. And that would make him a very dangerous man to have in the White House should he win.

The only thing Hussein Obama has going for him is the color of his skin, to which he is using his blackness to get himself elected. That can work for him and against him, but it also is not a reason to vote for him.

I think the Republicans can beat Obama, but I don't necessarily want to see him win the nomination.

Now for the Silky Pony Edwards:

Edwards is a demagogue that can and does speak well. Anybody who can convince a jury that he is channeling a dead baby has to be a very good speaker. So Edwards can get his tainted message across to the voters.

The thing is that Edward's message is pure socialism, take from the people, give it to the Gov't and let the Gov't decide who gets the money back. He is the "Flaming Liberal" through and through.

I see Edwards as electable, he is a southern boy, charismatic and tells the poor what they want to hear. He would be tough to run against.

And last, but not least, the Ice Queen Clinton:

Hillary is worse that Bill, she is dirtier, a nastier schemer and also a supreme socialist. Hillary has been trying, and with some success, been able to hide her avid commie background and views by appearing to be a moderate.

Hillary has no heart, is truly a cold woman, with no compassion.

She also has no experience, because being in the White House while hubby was Pres, doesn't count. She hasn't really had an impact as a junior Senator of NY, which the only reason she wanted the job was so as to run for President, despite her lying and saying she has.

But Hillary has what I want as a Donk candidate: a 49% disapproval rating!
People either like her or don't and I can't see anyone winning the presidency with 49% of the America public that can't stand her. A Republican can beat her.

So my pick for the Donks: Socialist Ice Queen Bitch Hillary!!

Mr Minority

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