Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Hey Wait a Minute! Let Me Rethink My Endorsement.

Minutemen founder Gilchrist is now rethinking his endorsement of Mike Huckabee because of Huckabee's pro-ILLEGAL immigration stance.
Minuteman Project founder Jim Gilchrist says he will have to reconsider his endorsement of former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee after learning the Republican presidential candidate favors allowing illegal aliens to wait only days to receive documents allowing re-entry into the U.S.

Huckabee insisted there is no discrepancy, specifying that "the pathway to get back here legally doesn't take years. It would take days, maybe weeks, and then people could come back in the workforce."

Asked by WND to respond, Gilchrist backtracked, admitting he may have been mistaken in his initial assumptions about the repatriation provisions of Huckabee's "Secure America Plan."

"I'm going to have to follow up on this," Gilchrist said. "I had not seen before anything in Governor Huckabee's plan where repatriation and touch-back could involve only days, not years.

"I personally need to talk to Governor Huckabee about this," he added. "This issue needs to be between Governor Huckabee and me."

Gilchrist should have never endorsed Huckabee in the first place, if he had done a little background checking, he would of found that Huckabee has been pro-ILLEGAL Aliens in the past.

I saw it as strange that Gilchrist endorsed him in the first place, considering the position of the Minuteman Project on ILLEGAL Immigration, and it was not smart of him to not have done his homework before connecting his name to Huckabee's. But he can redeem himself if he makes a correction, otherwise his will just appear the fool.

I still can't see what Huckabee's appeal is other than his religious background, and as a religious conservative, that doesn't sway me at all.

Mr Minority

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