Saturday, December 22, 2007

All Right, Stop It! Stop It, Right NOW!!

We conservatives have a major responsibility to select the best Republican candidate that holds our conservative values, understands the real issues that we are concerned about (small Gov't, lower Taxes, ILLEGAL Immigration, strong foreign policy, the War on Terrorism...) and religion is not a litmus test.

Let me repeat that: Religion is NOT a litmus test when picking a candidate!

But what has been the main topic for the last 2-3 weeks? Religion.

I will say up front that I am a non-denominational Evangelical Christian that takes his religion seriously. I may not be the perfect Christian, but I am a Christian that believes in the Bible, the words of Christ and the inspired words of his apostles.

I also believe that Mormonism is not a Christian denomination, but a cult. I also have a problem with a lot of Roman Catholic beliefs, as I do with some of the mainline Protestant dogma.

With that said, let me say this: I don't care if Romney is a Mormon, I don't care if Huckabee is a Baptist preacher, I do care about their politics when it comes to voting for the Republican candidate! As should everyone else that is concerned about the election.

Let me repeat that again: Religion doesn't matter when selecting a candidate, their positions on the issues does.

Huckabee's agenda to turn this race into a religious race is the slimiest thing I have seen in a long time. Trying to hide his Liberalism behind his religion is something I would expect from a Clinton, not a Republican. And it is all coming back to bite him. He is a Liberal Baptist, and the good Conservative Baptists do not support him, and now he is cozying up to a anti-Catholic bigot preacher John Hagee.

As for Romney, I don't care if he is a Mormon, in fact Mormons hold the same high standards, morals and values as Christians do. I would bet that their values are probably higher than a lot of mainline Protestant religions. I do care about his move to the right to appease voters. His liberal background cannot be washed away in 9 mths.

This country needs a President, not a preacher, so why does religion matter?

It doesn't.

So if the Religious Right, Evangelicals, Jesus Lovers, whatever you want to call us, are picking their candidate based on their religion, then they are fools! In fact I would suggest that they go and read Psalms, because God cautions us to be careful associating with fools, lest we become one. And from what I am reading, their are a lot of fools jumping on the Huckabeee train. And a lot of fools berating Romney because he is a Mormon.

I am not a fool, I love my country and want what's best for it, and selecting the Republican Presidential candidate based on their religion is not what is best for America.

Oh, and the 1 exception I would make in religion not being a factor when selecting a candidate is Islam. I would not pick a Muslim candidate, because Muslims place Allah and Sharia Law above their country. I will not have that forced down my throat.

Mr Minority

Merry Christmas.

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