Thursday, November 08, 2007

I Was Nearly Had!

Yesterday when I checked my e-mail, I received an e-mail from a Dr Mark Cox asking if I would post on a paper that was written by four scientists that proved Global Warming was not man made.
Dear Mr Minority,

Thank you for everything you do. I admire your courage and your readiness to stand up for the truth when the rest of the world looks like it's slowly going mad.

I would like to draw your attention to the really scandalous treatment of some academic colleagues by what seems like a kind of 'climate change mafia'. I am an astrophysicist with an interest in issues related to climate change. But please do not mention my name to anyone in connection with this.

As you can see here, Daniel Klein and colleagues have published a paper which completely shatters the theory of ‘manmade global warming’:

As the journal says it’s Nobel Prize material. But instead of being rewarded for it they have been shut out and threatened. See the editorial here:

It’s a shocking story of censorship and intimidation. Their paper was published a few days ago but no one has reported on it and it looks like its in danger of being frozen out by the climate change 'consensus'. I phoned Daniel yesterday and recommended to him he should talk to the media about it. But he's so worried that he or his colleagues could lose their funding or their jobs that he is flatly refusing. He and his colleagues have already removed their contact details from the university directories because of the hate mail they've been getting.

The way Klein and colleagues have been treated is an outrage and it makes me very sad and worried about what's happening to science. We really do seem to be entering a new 'Dark Ages'. If you can break the silence on this issue, you will be doing a major service. As I say, please do not mention my name in connection to any of this.

Yours sincerely,

Dr Mark Cox

And being the Man-Made Global Warming skeptic I am, I viewed the paper, perused it, and wrote up a really good post on it, that I was going to post this morning.

But something was nagging me, this morning I thought maybe I ought to do a Google check on the authors of the paper and the Institute of Geoclimatic Studies.

And low and behold what did I find? This, this and this

It is all a hoax by a David Thorpe to make us skeptics look bad, and I nearly fell for it. And that pissed me off.

But then again, what I said in my original post still is viable because the Chicken Littles are still trying to stifle any contradictory studies that don't fall in line with their preconceived results.

Thus, I believe there are still some good points in my original post, and here it is, judge for yourself:

In science, the facts are suppose to speak the truth, the hypothesis is either proved or disproved based on the factual observed data. But this not the way it seems to work when the subject is climate change, if the facts that prove that climate change is not based on man-made emissions, then the Global Warming cultists circle the wagons and hurl personal insults at those that don't subscribe to their personal (not factual) views, without examining the data.

Case in point: Last week a paper was published that established the direct correlation between the temperature change, the CO2 levels in the atmosphere and bacteria living in the sediments of the continental shelves of the Pacific and Atlantic oceans.

Has this paper been accepted in the scientific community?


Not because the data may be suspect, no, the reason is because it goes against the accepted, and flawed "consensus" of the global warming chicken little agenda that is being forced down the throats of world governments and their people.

(Read this editorial by the Institute of Geoclimatic Studies on this paper and the stifling of the paper by the scientific climate community)

And this is the biggest issue I have with the Man-Made Global Warming Myth - the limited freedom to present countering data, the purposeful lack of a scientific debate on the subject, and the political agenda that has forced millions of people and national governments to spend billions of dollars to prevent something that hasn't even been scientifically proven.

The four scientists that researched and wrote that paper ought to be applauded, thanked, and held in high esteem by their colleagues. But instead they are shunned and their paper suppressed, while the Nobel Committee gives the "Peace Prize" to Al Gore and the UN IPCC for their study based on flawed and erroneous data.

The person that tipped me to this study said the following: "The way Klein and colleagues have been treated is an outrage and it makes me very sad and worried about what's happening to science. We really do seem to be entering a new 'Dark Ages'."

And he is correct, we are entering into a scientific Dark Ages, where any person that presents data that doesn't conform to the elite's view, are scorned and academically and financially burned at the stake. To these elites the Earth is flat and if you say otherwise, you are heralded as a heretic and must be banished from the community.

It is a sad day when science is corrupted and the true facts are discounted because of politics, greedy scientists milking the government for grants, and those with agenda to ruin the economies of industrialize nations.

A sad day indeed.

Mr Minority