Monday, November 05, 2007

No Wonder the Mexican Gov't and ILLEGAL Alien Supporters Don't Want a Border Fence - It Works!

The Mexican Gov't is constantly bitching about the US building a fence on the border, and the pro-ILLEGAL Aliens groups are always protesting about the fence, and the reason is because it actually does restrict the flow of ILLEGALS coming into the US.
PALOMAS, MEXICO — At this fabled border crossing, where the last armed conflict between the United States and Mexico flared, the rancorous debate over the new U.S. anti-immigrant fence has been resolved.

The fence works, residents north and south of it say. At least it works for now on this snippet of the line.

"You hear it all the time: Fences don't work. Fences don't work," said Mark Winder, a transplanted New Englander and part-time deputy sheriff who lives on a small ranch outside Columbus, N.M., where a 3-mile stretch of wall was completed in August. "I live 2½ miles from the border, and the fence is working."

And that is just a very small stretch of the border. Imagine if we had a good fence across the majority of it.

The ILLEGAL Alien problem does have viable solutions, border fence, stricter border control, increase the number of Border Patrol agents, enforcement of the current immigration laws and a crack down on illegal with phony documents, businesses and the elimination of sanctuary cities. The are doable, not only that, but they are what the people of America want, if the Federal Gov't would get it's head out of it's ass and do them.

Mr Minority