Sunday, November 04, 2007

Stupid Criminal #6,591

The say comedy imitates real life, but I say real life is funnier than comedy or any jokes. Who could make something like this up:

Ex-heroin addict tries to mug and rob people on the street, to no avail. Maybe it has something to do with the criminal being in a wheelchair?
Serial criminal Mark Milverton, 27, had a history of offending before his right leg was amputated in 2003 due to years of heroin abuse.

A court heard he rolled up to two men in Weston-super-Mare’s town centre and warned he would knife them unless they handed over cash.

They refused and walked off – but one victim said Milverton’s eyes were “almost psychotic”.

A couple of hours later he targeted an Australian tourist at a cash machine.

He threatened to stab him, adding: “Do you think I won’t do it?”

The man walked away.

Milverton, from the town, was found guilty of attempted robbery.

Desperate or really stupid?

You decide.

I don't make fun of people with physical handicaps, and I am not laughing at this guy's physical condition.

But I am laughing at his mental condition!

Mr Minority

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