Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Stupid Criminal #12,947

Crack Heads and Criminals, they are always good for a dose of laughter.

Take this idiot: He and his homey rob a guy, take his money and his pants, and a police chase ensues. When the cops catch him and ask him why he didn't stop......He didn't stop because he was smoking a joint!
Orlando police said the man was walking down the street when the suspect and another man jumped out of a silver Dodge Durango and pistol-whipped him, demanded his money and made him take off his pants. Officer Bruce Lincoln spotted the SUV at Long Street and Orange Blossom Trail after an alert was put out over the radio.

"Once he saw that I was behind him, he was destined to just keep going," said Lincoln.

The driver led police on a chase they say reached 70-miles-an-hour, but when they caught him he said he wasn't running because he had robbed someone.

"Because I had a f****** joint in my hand. I was smoking, I just told them that," the suspect said.

As if smoking a joint is the worse he was going to be busted for.

What a moron, he is too stupid to blame it on his childhood or not having a father growing up.

Mr Minority

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