Friday, October 19, 2007

Is Matt Drudge Trying to Become Another Goracle?

The Drudge Report used to be a go-to site for the latest and greatest news, but lately it has become the Chicken Little go-to site.

All summer he had warnings of high temperatures across the nation and sever weather every day on his front page. And now it has been the price of oil going up.

Todays headline it is "$90 OIL and CLIMBING!" with a link to a Yahoo article, and he has been scoreboarding the price of oil for months. Is he doing this to panic people, when there is no reason to panic? The futures price of $90 or $100 isn't going to raise the cost of gas tomorrow, so why is he harping on it? This upward trend is being forced on the market by greedy speculators, and nothing to do with the supply and demand of oil.

So why is Drudge being so anal about the future spot buys of oil?

I think Drudge wants to panic the people, become another Goracle and win a dime store award.

Mr Minority