Thursday, October 18, 2007

I Love It When Justice Prevails

You know the old saying "The Customer is Always Right", well that is plain BS. You know it and I know it, because there inevitably will be a customer that is outrageously wrong, and demands that you apologize for being right.

Which leads me to this story posted on a board (h/t Fark) about a gentlemen that sold a bottle of malt vinegar to a kid that drank 1/2 the bottle, got sick, and mommy bitch wants an apology. Here is just a small portion of the whole story which you need to read it all:
Thursday, April 3
This is what happens when I swap work hours with the day shift - I get all their weirdoes!
About 2 pm today, in storms this woman who starts going totally apeshit at me and screaming incoherently while waving around a half-full bottle of malt vinegar.
I had no idea what she was on about and, before I could find out, the police arrived - but I hadn't called them!

Now, I know nearly every cop within fifty miles of my site (I call them all often enough), so when they come in, I greet them by name and they do the same back and tell me they've been called here because of allegations I've poisoned a small child.


The crazy lady identifies herself as the kid's parent and tells them I poisoned her lad. To avoid describing twenty minutes of ranting and gibbering on the woman's part, I'll cut right to the chase.

I had sold a 1L bottle of malt vinegar to a kid (about fifteen years old) that morning and he had taken the bottle home and drunk half of it - yes that's right, he had drunk vinegar. Of course, he got sick as a dog and "redecorated" the walls and floor of several rooms.

[No, I do not know why a teenager, who should be old enough to know better (and be at school too, for that matter) would drink half a litre of malt vinegar.]
At this point the cops and I exchange looks and one said, "Damn Aaron, and we all thought you had finally snapped." Ha ha. There's always a comedian.

The woman demanded that I be arrested, but the police weren't buying it now that they knew the situation. She eventually relented on her demands that I be be thrown in jail, but demanded an apology from me for "failing to tell her son not to drink vinegar."

I said, "I don't tell people not to stick the fuel nozzle up their nose and fill their brainpan with diesel either. And do you know why? Because most people aren't that stupid!"

End result: I refuse to apologize, and stand firm by my statements that her child is a moron. She demands apology, threatens to sue for slander, and promises to return tomorrow when the manager is here.

And I thought the loons only came out after dark

I'm curious to see what sort of reaction she'll get from my half-wit manager if she comes back. But knowing him, he'll probably apologize to her, and make a new rule that all staff will have to tell people not to chug-a-lug vinegar.

In the end justice prevails, and the author comes out better than before. But you still need to read it all.

This story highlites the issue of not taking responsibility for your own actions that the Leftards have corrupted our society into thinking is acceptable. People think that it is all someone else's fault that they are stupid, clumsy, not paying attention, or didn't bother to read the label, and that someone else should pay for their stupidity instead taking responsibility themselves. And because of this horrendous trend in blaming others, our courts are full of idiots suing anyone they think may be responsible (other than themselves) for their stupidity. Stupid people are costing you and me money! The cost of products goes up because of litigation settlements, warning labels for idiots (Don't Stick Hand Under the Lawnmower While the Blades are Turning - Duh!), and unnecessary product redesigns. In addition you have our taxes going up to pay for additional judges, courtrooms and staffing to handle idiots and their lawsuits.

Forget teaching PC History in schools, we need to teach kids how to take responsibility for their own actions and to own up to their mistakes, that would be a better investment of our taxpayers money, and an investment for a saner society in the future.

It may seem cruel, but if you are stupid enough to stick your hand under a running lawnmower and lose some fingers (I actually know an idiot that did), you deserve to learn the lesson the hard way. And if you drink 1/2 a bottle of malt vinegar, you deserve to puke your guts out. Oh, and don't step on the top step of a ladder or lean a metal ladder up against electrical wires, because something bad may and probably will happen.

Mr Minority

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