Tuesday, October 16, 2007

The War on Christmas is Starting Early

The War on Christmas has been getting brasher and starting earlier as the seculars and atheists are finding new ways to ban Christmas. In Britain, the Grand Ol' Nanny State, they are using "safety" to try to kill the joy of Christmas.
Britain could be facing a bleak mid-winter as the cost of following health and safety rules is forcing councils to consider scrapping Christmas lights, business leaders have warned.

Stringent new regulations and increased insurance premiums have pushed the price of a modest festive display to as much as £25,000, and out of the reach of many town budgets.

This year councils must use a pressure gauge to individually test every bolt holding a cable or light fitting to a wall.

Only fully insured professionals can hang the lights and workers must use expensive hydraulic platforms to do the job because ladders are not deemed safe.

Stephen Alambritis, from the Federation of Small Businesses, is warning that the country is heading for a “Christmas blackout”.

If the Nannies had their way, there would no Christmas at all. Trees may fall over and hurt someone or they be allergic to pine and fir trees, someone may get electrocuted with lights, tinsel - evil stuff, and all those toys! A child could fall off a bike, be injured by a foam bat! Yep, The Nannies don't like toys. And don't forget pictures of Baby Jesus, there is no diversity in those, and that is very hurtful.

Those that hate Christmas will find any way they can to rid the world of the Joy of Christmas and the message it holds. Through the courts, and inane laws, Christmas must be banished.

Mr Minority

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