Wednesday, October 10, 2007

I Have an Answer to This Question

Yesterday I asked a bunch of "Why?" questions. Today I have an answer to "Why are the Donks trying to reenact the Fairness Doctrine?"

The answer is not complex or convoluted, it is simple and straight forward:

The Donks and Left don't like the idea of their LIES being exposed to the public.

They don't like being exposed as the anti-American socialist that they are.

They don't want Middle-Class America to know that their "Taxes on the Rich" are really taxes on them.

They don't want America to know that they are not patriotic and really don't support our troops.

They don't want minorities to know that they are being used.

And especially they don't want Americans to know that all they care about is power, not them!

The Donks know that conservative Talk Radio has a very large audience across America, and the last thing they want is this very large audience hearing the truth and the facts that contradict the LIES that they are telling the American people. It has nothing to do with fairness and all to do with stifling the truth.

Mr Minority