Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Visions of sHillarycare

sHillary Clinton wants to use Britain and Canada's nationalized Healthcare system as examples to set up the same type of system here in the US. This case that happened in Britain is a good example of what we can expect if that comes to fruition.
A RETIRED businessman died of a suspected heart attack just 24 hours after his heart operation had been cancelled at the last minute.

The day after John Mosley, 65, died a nurse phoned his widow to give her a new date for the operation.

Mr Mosley had already had pre-op medicine for a heart valve operation at the Northern General Hospital in Sheffield when it was cancelled. Just 15 minutes before he was due in the operating theatre, his surgeon called in sick.

Mrs Mosley said yesterday: “We feel we have been robbed. We feel if he had had his operation he would still be here today. The coroner has confirmed that he died because his heart valve packed up. I am hurt and very angry at the National health Service.

“The day after he died a nurse phoned me to say would he go in on Sunday, ready to be operated on the following day. I said, ‘He won’t be there. He has died.’

America's healthcare may be expensive, but at least we get it, unlike nationalized healthcare. There is no reason that this man had to wait for a critical operation, nationalized healthcare has ruined the whole system, from doctors to hospitals. There is no CARE in nationalized healthcare, it is all about doing the least that is required and even doing less than that. I will pay the high premiums because at least I get the treatment I need and not have to wait six months for a simple life saving operation. Just Say No - to sHillarycare.

Mr Minority