Thursday, July 21, 2005

Texas to Stop City Gov'ts from Absconding Our Castles

A man's home is his castle, unless you live in Conn. and the local Gov't wants it to boost their property tax base. The Supreme Court's Kelo vs. New London ruling has a lot of states trying to rectify this total disregard for the Constitution's 5th Amendment, and are passing laws to prevent the same from happening in their states. Well, Texas being Texas, we regard private property as sacrosanct, and the the State Legislature is pushing a bill through right now to prevent greedy City Gov'ts for seizing private property.
AUSTIN - Private property owners would be protected from state and local governments seizing their land for economic development purposes under a bill overwhelmingly approved by the Texas House Sunday night.

The bill, drafted in response to a recent U.S. Supreme Court decision allowing eminent domain seizures for economic development projects, gained final passage 136-0.

The House version of the eminent domain bill was amended to stop the city of Freeport from seizing waterfront land from a family-owned shrimping company to make way for a private marina project.

The Senate has passed similar legislation, but differences must be worked out in a conference committee before midnight Wednesday when the special session ends.

House sponsor Rep. Beverly Woolley, R-Houston, said the recent Supreme Court decision in Kelo vs. New London, Conn., "harms what we hold dear in Texas, the protection of private property rights."

"Ultimately, what the court decision said is, you are allowed to own property, pay your mortgage, pay your taxes and you can keep your private property until someone offers to pay more taxes on that property," Woolley said. "This decision has shocked and alarmed property owners across the country."

Property owners have been alarmed at the Supreme Court's decision, and have been leaning on their state representatives to counteract this total violation of the Constitution. Thank God for Texas, where we know what is right and wrong and Constitutional (except for Freeport)!!

Mr Minority