Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Let the Games/War Begin

With the announcement of President Bush's nomination of John G. Roberts for the vacancy on the Supreme Court, the Left is already, and has been ready, to sally forth to battle for the soul of our nation. It really didn't matter who Pres. Bush nominated, anyone to the right of Stalin would be too conservative for the Left. With Roberts being a conservative, but without any judicial snafus, the Left is going to have a harder time finding reasons to object to him, but they are going to concentrate on the Abortion issue. Already the Baby Killers are rallying to smear Roberts and his stance on Roe v Wade, and I expect the fight to be down and dirty, which is the way the Left works.

President Bush in his announcement speech told the country that Roberts was accepted by both sides when confirmed to the DC Court of Appeals, and that he consulted with 70 Senators in his search, but that will not be good enough for the Left. The largest woman’s group in America finds no faults with Roberts, and endorses him, but again that will not be good enough for the Left. This is going to be war, and war it is, over the soul of the country. The Left wants to continue the erosion of America's morals and liberties and to do that they need a Flaming Liberal to replace Sandra Day O'Connor. The rest of the country is tired of the direction America has taken under the Left's control and want a Supreme Court judge that interprets the Constitution as written, not as their emotional interpretation of it is.

As I stated last year before the Presidential Election, the selection of the current President will have a major impact on the nation because of the Supreme Court vacancies. So the Presidential Election was a nexus point in our history, we could have elected Kerry, and we would have continued down the sewer in our decline, or we could have elected President Bush, and stopped our countries regression into moral depravity and actually reverse the trend. Thank God, we elected the correct person for our country's sake, and now we have a chance to steer this country back onto following the Constitution with the appointment of John Roberts to the Supreme Court.

Let the War Begin

Mr Minority