Monday, July 18, 2005

Donk Dementia is Peaking

The irrational frenzy that Donks have been displaying the last month or so, over the "Downey Street Memos" and the alleged outing of Valerie Plame by Karl Rove, has reached a insane peak. Rep. John Conyers is now organizing little Donk get-togethers to feed the Donk faithfuls Kool-aid and burn Karl Rove effigies.
Some of the most liberal members of Congress are planning to throw house parties next Saturday to focus attention on presidential adviser Karl Rove and the so-called Downing Street Memo.

Rep. John Conyers, D-Mich., says he's organizing the events across the country "to broaden public understanding of how Karl Rove and the Bush administration have manipulated intelligence, deceived the American people, and misled our nation into war."

At least eight events will be hosted by or participated in by members of Congress, including Conyers in Detroit, Jim McDermott in Seattle, Barbara Lee in Oakland, Maxine Waters in Los Angeles, and Maurice Hinchey in New York.

Ordinary citizens are also being encouraged to host their own house parties.

Conyers says he'll be conducting a conference call for house-party hosts featuring Plame's husband, Amb. Joe Wilson, as well as Air America radio host Randi Rhodes as guests.

The Donk Lefties are displaying all the characteristics of an aged human. They say when a person grows older, and dementia sets in, that they start to resemble the child they once were. And this is what the Donks have been acting like - children. Their little temper tantrums, not playing well with others, and holding little "House Parties" are all the signs that the Donk Party has regressed to being totally childish. I see no chance of them growing up, that is in the past, all they are going to do is regress further in childishness and throw even worse tantrums. The Donk are lucky in that euthanasiation of the elderly and demented is still not legal in America, very lucky indeed.

Mr Minority