Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Ooooh, Sensitive Buggers Aren't They

When the NRA found out that the Columbus, Ohio City Gov't passed a ban on the sale of "assault weapons", they told the city that they are going to take their Annual Convention elsewhere. Now the Gun Control Freakoids are all in a tizzy and accusing the NRA of "Bullying" them.
(CNSNews.com) - Gun control advocates in Columbus, Ohio, accuse the National Rifle Association of trying to "bully" them, and they say they will stand firmly in support of a gun ban -- even though it will cost the city millions of dollars in lost business.

Second Amendment supporters hope the gun ban may also cost city council members their jobs come election time.

The NRA announced on Monday that it would take its 2007 convention business elsewhere now that Columbus has passed a citywide ban on semi-automatic weapons.

"Let me say, that we are not for sale; and we're going to stand by this; they won't hold us hostage," said Columbus Mayor Michael Coleman on Monday.

Excuse me Mr Mayor, but there was no "bullying" going on, it is just the straight facts, if you passed a anti-2nd Amendment ban, the NRA was going to take their business to a city that honors the Constitution, not violates it. This is not about "taking you hostage", this is about the NRA doesn't have to have their convention in your city of Nannies, it can and will go somewhere else, and to hell with you. If you lose millions in revenue, that is your problem, not the NRA's. And it was also your decision to pass this ban, so now you should have to suffer for it, and don't expect the NRA of rewarding you for it. You knew the consequences, so live with it; you can't have your cake and eat it too. Touchy Liberal Wankers!!

Mr Minority