Wednesday, July 20, 2005

The Nannies Have Taken The Fun Out of Fun, and the Play Out of Playground

Leave it to the Nannies, those deluded idiots that are always trying to protect yourself from yourself, to worry about children having too much fun on a playground.
Andrea Levin is grateful that Broward County schools care about her daughter's safety. But this year when they posted a sign that demanded "no running" on the playground, it seemed like overkill.

"I realize we want to keep kids from cracking their heads open," said Levin, whose daughter is a Gator Run Elementary fifth grader in Weston. "But there has to be a place where they can get out and run."

WHAT!! No running!?!?! Asking a child not to run, is like asking Nancy Pelosi to be reasonable.
Broward's "Rules of the Playground" signs, bought from an equipment catalogue and displayed at all 137 elementary schools in the district, are just one of several steps taken to cut down on injuries and the lawsuits they inspire.

"It's too tight around the equipment to be running," said Safety Director Jerry Graziose, the Broward County official who ordered the signs. "Our job was to try to control it."

How about swings or those hand-pulled merry-go-rounds?

"Nope. They've got moving parts. Moving parts on equipment is the number one cause of injury on the playgrounds."


"Nope. That's moving too."


"Well, I have to be careful about animals" turning them into litter boxes.

Cement crawl tubes?

"Vagrants. The longer they are, the higher possibility that a vagrant could stay in them. We have shorter ones now that are made out of plastic or fiberglass."

Broward playgrounds aren't the only ones to avoid equipment that most adults remember. Swings, merry-go-rounds, teeter-totters and other old standards are vanishing from schools and parks around the country, according to the National Program for Playground Safety.

"Kids aren't using them the way they're supposed to," said the agency's director, Donna Thompson, who led a national effort to get rid of animal swings two years ago. "I'm pleased that a lot of these are disappearing."

No Swings, No Teeter-totters, No Sand Boxes, No Merry-go-rounds and No Running, why in the hell are they still calling it a PLAYGROUND, because that is NOT what it is. It is a piece of land to which the Nannies expect children to play and enjoy themselves without the equipment for them to PLAY on. What are these kids suppose to do? Watch grass grow? Eat their buggers? What do these Nannies expect the kids to do? Yoga? Partake in mind developing discussions with each other? Ponder on the intricacies of life? What ever they expect, they are WRONG! Kids need to burn off excess energy, play, explore, climb things, run, swing, teeter-totter and just be kids, not slugs just sitting on a sod of grass. The Liberals have let the Nannies run ramped in our country, taking the enjoyment out of everything in the name of "safety" and "it's good for you". They are ruining America, because America grew strong without them, and now that we have them, we are turning into a bunch of wimps and slugs. It's time we REAL Americans spank the Nannies and give them their pink slips and send them back to their closets where they belong.

Mr Minority